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Hanabal Khaing began his career as a Unix Administrator on the Dec Alpha system, but soon transitioned to Oracle DBA which led to on the job training for Data Modeling. Soon after mastering relational data modeling by combining military and civilian encryption training and technology with advanced relational data design, Hanabal Khaing created his first application using Fortran in 1991 and later remade the application using Java. Hanabal's first application was a web site program with dynamic content and a database for customer relationship management. Soon after making the CRM application, the first commercial sales were made to local small businesses and finally to Bank of America in 1998.

Hanabal's primary responsibility was to aid in the Nations Bank and Bank of America Merger using data governance, data modeling, web design, and updates to legacy systems such as LiveWire. Soon after the Bank of America contract, Hanabal was hired to create, design, and/or repair applications and data models for HP, Sony, Nortel, MetLife, Univision, Perot Systems Healthcare & HIPAA certified Digital Claims, several insurance companies, several banks, and several confidential government organizations. Hanabal has previously held government security clearances and is clearable for any classified work nationally and internationally.

Hanabal is currently working on Business Intelligence for all sectors with a concentration on customizations for the Banking and Healthcare sectors, which includes HEDIS 2017.


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Enterprise Data Modeler Resume Download

Off-site / Remote 40-Hour / one week Data Modeling Contracts $50,000 (Requires fully documented requirements list, approved project plan, sign-off process, and initial deposit)

Off-site / Remote One Month / 30-day Data Modeling Contracts $195,000 (Requires fully documented requirements list, approved project plan, sign-off process, and initial deposit)

Ready Made Off The Shelf Products Available from Hanabal Khaing:

  • (Exclusive Sale in progress - V1) BIS Data Model $20,000,000 (15 year license, includes ERP, CRM, PPM, and other features, interface contract sold separately, Guaranteed to work, Version 2 in progress - ETA 06/15/2018)
  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning Data Model with Asset Management, HR, Accounting/Financials, etc.
  • LMS - Learning Management System Data Model
  • PPM - Project and Portfolio Management Data Model
  • DMV - Dempartment of Motor Vehicles Data Model with Telematics for Government and Corporate Fleet Management
  • eHIV Data Model
  • Online Security Level and Security Clearance Data Model (includes government security clearance and company level codes)
  • CRM - Customer/Constituent Relationship Management Data Model with Integrated E-Commerce and Order History
  • EMR - Electronic Medical Records Data Model with Integrated Security and Auditing
  • Bank Data Model with Securities, Accounts, Transactions, and Financials Integrations with and ERP Data Model
  • Universal Insurance Data Model
  • Universal Data Collection Data Model
  • Sales Force, Commissions, and VAR Data Model (Integrated into ERP)
  • Survey Data Model
  • Agenda Data Model
  • Security Data Model
  • All data models can be customized with custom interfaces in Java, C++, or PHP
  • Universal interfaces for all data models for one unified BIS application is underway. Expected February 2017
  • Fully Functional Off-The-Shelf Medical Records Management System with row/record level security, online access, HEDIS 2017, and SaaS. Expected February 2017 at $18,000 for doctor's offices, $50,000,000 for complete Hospital Network Systems with a 1-year implementation schedule.
  • Reports and Statistics Data Model - Combined with Data Dictionary
  • Universal Data Dictionary for all models included
  • Multi-Language Data Model support for all data models
  • SaaS Support for all Data Models
  • Java EE Scalability and Cluster Support - Pre-Generated Serializable EJBs, Hibernate and JPA Compatible
  • All Database Designs are 100% Object Code Compatible

Samples of Hanabal's work can be downloaded using this link. (Work Sample)
(3 hour time limit to create)

The zip archive contains a data model and java code used to manage, update, view, insert, and delete data from the model. The database connection uses JDBC, Hibernate, Oracle, and the enclosed data model. The interfaces are built using Java JSF. The project can be imported into Sun/Oracle NetBeans. DDL, written standard SQL for Oracle, for creating the data model manually is also included. The Java code uses Enterprise Java Beans which are serializable and cluster capable for scalability to high end-user loads.

Top Skills List: Data Modeling (Logical and Physical Relational, Object compatible relational, SaaS compatible relational, multi-language relational), OOD, SaaS design, Java (Java EE, EJB, FX, JSP, JSF, JDBC), UNIX, Linux, Solaris, SuSe, RedHat, CentOS, MacOS X, MS Windows, Oracle (7,8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c), Shell Scripting, Statistics and related mathematical skills, XML, HTML, Perl, WebDesign, PhotoShop, Gimp, Standard Office Tools skills (MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.), Performance tuning database, applications, and architecture, HP PPM & Documentum, Tableau (See resume for full skills list)

Hanabal is available for all types of work which include National and International contract jobs, remote contract jobs, and "by the job" "end to end" development jobs which require documented business requirements. Hanabal is cable of completing an entire project single handedly due to his 25 years of experience which gives him Complete Analyst status.

What is the cost? Hanabal's rates are reasonable and negotiable, but the average rate is $240 / hour within the US. Rates have been as high as $1250 / hour for emergency coding, complete application development, and emergency project rescue with 90 days or less turnaround time. Hanabal has a track record of completing projects single handedly after teams that average 22 people have failed for up to 7 years. He believes that most projects are likely to fail before they start due to improper staffing which commonly excludes data governance and data modeling in addition to Sr. IT professionals.

Hanabal also guarantees his work. Some off-site contracts can be negotiated with guaranteed performance and sign-off procedures. That means if it does not work, you don't pay. Deliver your requirements along with a signed agreement, and simply run QA operations on the final product with sign-off for functionality, performance, and business requirement features. This type of contract requires SDLC waterfall methodology. Your business requirements must be complete and documented.

For on-site contracts, Hanabal prefers to work in areas with very low violence areas or specifically, Manhattan, Washington DC, San Francisco, Paris France, Plano TX, London UK, etc.


Hanabal Khaing cut out image violin

Hanabal Khaing's philosophy for life is "The sun shines strongest through a cloud." There no job that can't be done, no conflict that cannot be resolved, and no problem that lasts forever. When the battles of life are won, he often laughs at how hard it seemed at the beginning, saying it was easy in the end. "What's next?"

Hanabal loves to laugh and enjoy the happy things in life. If he is not telling a joke, he is probably smiling and thinking of one. Hanabal has a natural ability to be happy and content and often calls being happy his best skill. His favorite hobby is photography, which includes baby portraits, travel, landscapes, birds, butterflies, and flowers.

Hanabal is also a violin, piano, and operatic voice student. He also enjoys composing music. Hanabal is the primary composer of the Thalen Kane classical piano and violin tracks. Due to extreme genetic diversity, which includes over 160 global ethnic groups, Hanabal is diversity friendly and contains multiple cultures. Historically, Hanabal's family has maintained historical data which dates back to his oldest traceable genetic relative who lived in the 10th Century BC. Some of those records can still be found today in ancient North African, Southern French, Indian and Burmese villages, cities, and museums and contain primarily legal codes, medical records, birth records, death and death cause records, war and conflict records, mediation and court records, and marriage records.

Where is he from? Hanabal was born in a small town in North Carolina, but has spent his life traveling. He currently calls district 4 of Paris France home. Hanabal enjoys travel to Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, Bali, and plans to see the world.

Favorite Artists: Placido Domingo - Opera and Acting, Michael Rabine's Zigeunerweisen Op. 20, No. 1 - Violin, Puccinni - Composer, Richard Dana - Writer

Favorite Bands/Songs: Thalen Kane (Burning Heart Original), Lynard Synard (The Last Rebel), Social Distortion (Dear Lover), Jack Off Jill, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, Avenged Sevenfold, Fozzy, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Kaleo (Way Down We Go), Clannad, Hillary Hann, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Byther Smith, Hosh (local Swedish band), Van Halen, Lizzy Hale of Halestorm, Lita Ford & Ozzy (Close My Eyes Forever), Adele, Bob Dylan (Slow Train), Devlin (Watchtower), Jefferson Airplane, Savoy Brown (Voodoo Moon), Undisputed Truth, Dennis Edwards (Don't Look Any Further)



Skype: hanabalkhaing

ICQ: 13771973

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Phone TXT: 828-393-5666